Our fully customizable suite of services can help you reduce your transportation costs, increase efficiencies and enhance flexibility in rapidly changing market conditions. We provide comprehensive managed transportation solutions to clients in all sectors of customers.

Full Truck Load, Express Trucking, Part Load Air / Surface, Load Pool Services, Milk Run, Specialised Value Added Services. Any customised distribution service for your Product Distribution, We manage 24x7 by giving tracking and visibility through out. Offer you cost competency, visibility and efficiency.

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ULOG Fleet Management System is more than a Tracking Device . A mobile friendly fleet & transport management solution that help you to evaluate your fleet utlisation , cost of utilization , productivity per asset and a chart for fleet maintenance. ULOG FMS treat each of your vehicle as a Profit Centre and help you to give a full visibility of your fleet's cost , competencies & profitability.

This tool enable you to measure your fleet's activity on a day to day basis and helps you to manage it towards better utilization , cost reduction and fetch a higher returns.

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Wouldn't it be great to have one platform where all your transportation needs and requirements meet in one place? Isn't it a reality todaythat most of all our logistic staffs are engaged their valuable time in multiple phone calls, email, coordination with your multiple logistic service providers to get a clear visibility of all your shipments status, rates, serviceability etc.

ULOG Logistic Control Tower connects all your logistic activity in one platform and get a global visibility of all your transactions. It improves your overall logistic function management efficiency and ensure your customers are pro-actively informed about all events that occur in order - delivery voyage.

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Are you looking for a larger outsourced team to manage your logistic & warehouse activities?? Are you looking for Material Handling Equipment on Rental basis ???

PICKER, PACKER, LOADING / UNLOADING WORK FORCE, HANDLERS, DATA ENTRY OPERATORS, DRIVERS, MHE's... ULOG can assist you to get things done in managing logistic activities with a trained work force. We assist our customers to mobilize work force for your shop floor activities. Our services are guaranteed to reduce the stress of maintaining of large workforce, tax records, compliances etc., You can now focus on your business.

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