Apart from the conventional distribution services, we are equipped with specialised trucking and distribution services that suit to your requirement. A well connected GPS data network and analytics will help you , your customers & fleet owners to have full visibility & control of all trips and fleets. Our 24x7 Logistic Control Tower proactively monitor all trips and alert you on its arrivals at each defined touching points, departure, excessive stoppages in trip , delays , offline events, accidents etc. Exceptions is controlled efficiently without losing time due to no information.


FTL Trucking - Ulog India delivers highly competitive FTL shipping rates and value-added full truckload shipping services through our extensive managed carrier network, industry-leading technology, and our commitment to outstanding customer service. The experienced staffs & service providers at UIBS delivers customized freight solutions tailored to your specific FTL shipping needs.

Standard Trucking Standard day definite delivery
Express Trucking High Speed Trucking with hours definite delivery
Value Added Trucking Add endless features in to your normal FTL services
Cold chain Trucking Temperature control reefer fleets with data logger
Air Raid Suspension Trucking Specially reengineered vehicles for sensitive cargo


We partner with multiple part load service delivery companies enable our customers with wide range of services and cost efficiency as per your shipment urgencies and delivery timelines. Be it any service mode of Air, Road, Rail or Multimode , We create the best mode and service combinations that delivers the best outcome for our customers.

Our technology platform gives customers round the clock visibility of their shipment status in one platform irrespective of multiple services or service providers combinations.

PTL Road - Express Service
PTL Air - Door to Door , Port to Port services


We have strategic tie-ups with global cargo players to provide deliveries in more than 200+ countries around the world. With a wide range of time-defined and specialist air cargo services, supported by the preferred carriers, you get the flexibility between standardized connections with fixed schedules. Our logistics experts from the company evaluate your freight size and budget, to assist you in the most appropriate cost-effective movement of the cargo. The complete logistics process is supported by leading-edge information management systems, providing the customer with complete shipment transparency.

  • International Document Express Services
  • International Non Document Express Services
  • Door to Door Express Services
  • Door to Airport Express Services
  • Airport to Airport Services
  • CHA Services Import / Export


This service allows us to offer frequent collections and deliveries from various suppliers, instead of waiting for each supplier to have a full load. It reduces the amount of stock and response times within the supply chain as only the correct quantity required by the customer to fulfill their next order will be picked up from each supplier.

Over the years, we have developed the necessary expertise to successfully operate the milk run system for a number of different customers. Our staffs are well trained to manage vehicles in accordance with customer production plans, optimizing routes and saturation.

In addition, thanks to a dedicated order - delivery tracking tool which is tailor made and linked to all our pick up - delivery vehicles enable us to process requests efficiently and promptly, giving our customers definitive lead times and ensuring we provide a consistently high-quality service.

  • Greater supply chain efficiency
  • Just-in-time manufacturing capability
  • Higher capacity utilization
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Returnable container service
  • Less freight handling and decreased risk of damage


A unique long-haul trucking service where the customer pays only for the space that they occupy. Load Pool service helps customers to consolidate all your deliveries to a farther distance geographies together and achieve cost and service efficiency. Customer gets a specially demarcated cube space inside the container to fill in his cargo and secure it with a digital lock system.

Our single source solution helps customers control their LTL costs, make advanced pickup and delivery appointments , minimize handling and reduce transit time throughout India.

Reduce Multiple Handling
Specialized exclusive compartment with digital lock for your cargo