Whether you are a small business or a major conglomerate, you have your own scope of business activities to do. Businesses that you are an expert in, businesses that you are specialized in and activities that are core to your business. For most companies involved in manufacturing and trading , logistics and transportation can be outsourced to Ulog to attain better efficiency. Ulog offers assistance in handling customers logistic function as it involves several stages of monitoring, documentation, dealing with various transport agents government and regulatory bodies.

Micro Management and Arrangement of Assets & Resources to fulfill your logistic activity or process can be handled by us. Our know-how, expertise and relationship with various logistic service providers will help our customer to achieve their objectives on time without loosing time in doing their core activities.

We have the following outsource management services

  • Manpower Management - Pickers, Packers, Data Entry Operators & Handlers
  • Material Handling Equipments - Pallets, Hand Trolleys, Forklifts, Stackers, Scissor Lift etc.
  • Packaging Solution - Wood, Corrugated Packaging solutions
  • Safety, Security and Surveillance System - CCTV, Camera, Speed Governors, Pilot Services etc